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Venturing into the cold, winter enthusiasts are well known for their stubborn persistence. We carry a love of adventure that supersedes cold hands, bearing numb fingers as we trudge through snowy landscapes or ride chilly lift lines. But what if winter adventures didn’t have to mean cold hands?

This challenge set the scene for Skadi, a sports brand committed to combining warmth and comfort with the thrill of adventure.  

We aspire to bring you the best. Using aerogel, an insulator developed by NASA to insulate space shuttles, Skadi products offer the ultimate warmth. Until recently, aerogel was difficult to work with and there were no functional, breathable materials on the market. But technological advancements have changed the nature of the game, including the launch of Solarcore, an aerogel composite with memory foam properties.

Skadi is proud to use Solarcore’s revolutionary materials in all its products. Using this material as a lining, we developed our first product: the Goat Mitt. From here, we got into business with one of the world’s top winter glove manufacturers and officially launched Skadi, taking the brand from a novice idea to a dream come true.

Today, Skadi celebrates a passion for the outdoors. We’re here to bring you the best gear so you can keep doing what you love, all winter long.  

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