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Affiliate program

  • Are you passionate about your winter sport?

  • Do you want to earn some extra money by sharing your thoughts and experience using Skadi gloves?

  • Don't dilute your image with cheap products - be proud to promote the best!

  • Get paid for every purchase made by one of your followers!

How much could I make?

Uncapped! $25/pair

Skadi is still a small business with an ambitious goal - to become a familiar favourite for winter sports enthusiasts. We're competing with the big dogs so we need your help gaining brand awareness and want to ensure you're compensated fairly for your time!

To make the most of this - you would need to create engaging content that highlight the products in use. It's entirely up to you how much you push the products because we understand each audience can be uniquely resistant to product promotion.

After signing up for our affiliate program you will be sent a unique coupon to get YOUR pair of Skadis sent out to you at our affiliate's discounted rate. Once you recieve yours in the mail you can hit the slopes and start earning from your next post!

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