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The all new goat glove is the ultimate ski glove for extreme warmth and comfort. Crafted with premium goat leather exterior and insulated with aerogel infused memory foam, this mitt keeps your hands warm even in the coldest temperatures.


Lined with memory foam aerogel,  this glove will mold to your hands over time for a one of a kind fit and feel. Our insulation ensures your hands stay warm and comfortable, even in the harshest of conditions.



To get the most out of your new Skadi Gloves, make sure they are initially warm and dry when you start the day. In extremely cold temperatures the memory insulation can become stiff if they aren't in use, this prevents further heat loss after you take them off and will quickly regain flexibility when you put them back on.


If they are taken off for an extended period of time and get cold, slowly squeeze your hands into a fist 10 times when you put them back on and they will quickly return to their most comfortable state.


GOAT Glove

Color: Tan - Nubuck
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